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Achieving professional wellbeing and preventing work-related burnout, anxiety, and depression requires an understanding of how work impacts your emotions. It is important to note that professional wellbeing is not just limited to your work environment and job duties but is influenced by every aspect of your daily life.

We have developed the Umeco Workwell Survey as an innovative tool to measures the status and progress of your professional wellbeing. By answering the survey questions, the Umeco Workwell Survey helps identify areas of your life that might require focus, enabling you to achieve your professional wellbeing aspirations, needs, and goals.

The diagram below illustrates the 3 Core Zones covered in the survey; Your Health, Your Connections and Your Work. Within these areas, the 10 domains or factors contribute to how you feel about your work.

In the areas where each Core circle converges, there are Sub Factors that affect both Core aspects involved.

Your Report:

When you take the survey, you will receive a comprehensive report indicating your current professional wellbeing. As your work and life change, and you retake the survey later, we expect your score to change each time.

The report also shows a detailed breakdown, highlighting the areas with lower scores that you can work on using resources designed to address those areas on the Umeco website.

For more information or questions, please contact umeco@umeco.au