About Us

Umeco was founded on a fundamental belief: embracing your professional wellbeing is life-changing.

We are Umeco

Umeco was founded on a fundamental belief: embracing your professional wellbeing is life-changing. For all the founders, the presence and support of a community that has your back and is cheering for you is invaluable. We recognise that collective wisdom fuels individual growth and success, whether it’s someone sharing a similar path to you or bringing diverse experiences to the table. Our inception is rooted in this philosophy—creating a space where professional paths are not just walked but enriched through shared knowledge and support.

Our Commitment

At Umeco, we are more than a team; we are a blend of wisdom, experiences, beliefs, and visions for a better professional world. Our collective journey is not just about professional success but fostering a world where growth, well-being, and support are intertwined and valued. We invite you to join us today – your future self will thank you.

Meet the Team

Robine Stephenson, Co-Founder, Umeco Community Manager & Director of Consulting 

With a rich tapestry of over 22 years in strategic professional services, strategy & design and management consulting, Robine’s expertise is vast and multifaceted. Her journey through various sectors, emphasizing human-centered design and life coaching, positions her as a vital pillar in our community. As a believer in the transformative power of connections, Robine’s leadership in Umeco is a natural extension of her vision for meaningful and lasting change.

David Plush, Co-Founder

David’s journey spans over three decades, marked by entrepreneurship and leadership. Starting his first venture at 25, his experience encompasses guiding businesses from inception to scaling, with a keen focus on financial viability. His own journey with health and wellness while still delivering high-performance results is compelling. David combines perpetual optimism with a pragmatic approach, making him an instrumental figure in steering Umeco towards its mission.

Reanna Browne, Co-Founder & Chief Futurist 

Reanna’s foresight, rooted in her academic and professional background in strategic foresight and workforce strategy, makes her a forward-thinking and dynamic force. Her work transcends various sectors, empowering organizations and individuals to embrace change with clarity and resilience. At Umeco, she is the visionary, challenging norms and guiding us towards future-ready strategies.